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Data Verification

Reading and processing documents with efficiency is just the tip of the iceberg.


type of documents

can you process with Invofox?


Extract relevant information like invoice number, date, total amount, vendor details, line items, and more.

Purchase Orders

Extract information like buyer details, supplier details, order date, delivery date, items ordered, and more.

Bill of Lading

Extract relevant information like shipper details, consignee details, shipment date, destination, and more.


Extract relevant information like payee's name, date, amount, bank details, and more.

Bank Statements

Extract relevant information like account holder name, number, transaction date, description, and more.

Utility Bills

Extract relevant information like account holder name, account number, billing period, usage details, and more.


Extract information like merchant name, dates, tax details, items purchased, payment method, and more.

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What can you


from each document?

General Information

Validate fields like document type, document date, document number, issuer details, recipient details, and more.


Calculate and validate fields like tax rate, taxable amount, tax amount for each tax type, tax exemptions, and more.

Computed Data

Validate fields like total amount due, subtotal, tax amount, discounts applied, currency conversion, and more.


Validate fields like total amount, subtotal, tax amount, discount amount, shipping charges, and more.

Line Items

Validate fields like description, quantity, unit price, tax details for each line item, and more.

Custom Fields

Validate fields like user-defined fields such as project codes, department codes, or custom identifiers, and more.

How do we ensure

Data Verification


Ensuring exceptional data quality lies at the core of Invofox. The platform meticulously process your documents and apply validation rules to build structured data with high accuracy and granularity.

Advanced Processing Solution

Our AI-powered algorithms go beyond basic parsing. They combine sophisticated AI models, and programmatic rules to extract, analyze, and validate data from documents with unparalleled accuracy.


With our proprietary programmatic rules, our AI can detect and interpret information in documents beyond conventional methods, ensuring extensive data extraction and quality assessment.

Sophisticated Algorithms

Our family of algorithms incorporates discrete mathematics and combinatorial techniques to tackle complex data structures, guaranteeing robust data quality.

Rich Data Base

Utilizing our extensive database, which includes company and tax information, enhances the accuracy and comprehensiveness of extracted data, providing insights for our users.

An unbeatable solution!

Invofox provides a unique way to handle document processing, knocking out any OCR in the market. The platform automates data verification by combining high-performing AI models, detecting fields further than just parsing documents.

Line Item Extraction
Validation Layer
Pre-trained features
Custom fields
Programmatic Rules
Complex table layout supported
Multiple validations per document type
Classifier & Splitter
Fully supported
Create tailored data extraction rules for your specific needs
Other providers in-the-space
Basic to intermediate
Extensions or custom code
Need learning phase
Definition, not extraction
Not supported

How do we achieve the excellence?

Extracting high-quality data from documents is crucial, but sometimes basic extraction methods fall short. This is where Invofox comes in as a super-hero to scale up the data verification. The platform automates document processing by combining high-performing AI models, detecting fields further than just parsing documents, and knocking out any regular OCR.

Advanced Processing Solution

Programmatic Rules allow you to go beyond basic extraction capabilities. Define custom rules based on the specific format and structure of your documents. This ensures you capture the exact data points you need, minimizing errors and inconsistencies.

Handling Edge Cases & Complexities

Real-world documents often come with variations and inconsistencies. Define specific logic to understand and process missing fields, variations in formatting, or unexpected data patterns.

Boosting Data Quality Metrics

We significantly improve data quality metrics like precision (extracting only relevant data) and recall (capturing all relevant data). This translates to cleaner, more reliable data sets for your product.

Unlocking Granular Control

Gain complete control over your data extraction process. Define custom logic for exclusive scenarios, ensuring you capture the information that matters most.

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