HITL Marketplace

Invofox’s latest offering to help entities validate their data when their documents need a human touch.

What is it?

Connecting you with the best providers in the space based on your needs.
Whenever documents are processed through our platform, documents will end up in one of two states:


Documents are successfully parsed and validated by our AI.

Non Automated

Documents which require a human to validate or complete the data.

How does it work?


Configure the documents you need to be processed with our Workload Management Queue feature.


We’ll recommend the best provider that aligns with your SLAs, language, use case, geography, and budget.


Have your non-automated documents safely processed within our platform.

The best problem solving option for the human touch

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90% less paper

Our technology helps you cutdown on paper use.

85% increased productivity

Saving you time and mental energy to focus on more valuable tasks

99.9% Accuracy rate

We are constantly working on our product to maintain the highest standards.

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