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Embrace the future of ERP with our document processing AI. Experience data automation at its finest, level up accuracy, and enhance decision-making.

Improving ERP performance

Optimize your Processes with Accurate Data

Extract key information from documents such as unit prices, discounts, and more. With precise and updated data, optimize your billing processes and inventory management like never before.

Customize your Data to Fit your Needs

Enable your ERP system to add custom fields based on extracted document data. Customize and adapt it to your business needs, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in every transaction.

Transparent and Real-Time Inventory Management

Maintain clear and accurate inventories in your ERP system. Our technology ensures the accuracy of extracted data, providing precise and up-to-date information for effective inventory management.


Our solution seamlessly connects with leading ERP platforms, ensuring a hassle-free setup and immediate benefits for your business.


Invofox classifies and splits your documents automatically.


Receive asynchronous notifications every time that an event occurs.

Programmatic Rules

Our solution detects and interprets data beyond conventional methods, ensuring data extraction and verification.

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90% less paper

Our technology helps you cutdown on paper use.

85% increased productivity

Saving you time and mental energy to focus on more valuable tasks

99.9% Accuracy rate

We are constantly working on our product to maintain the highest standards.

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