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We offer the best in class service when it comes to the speed of processing documents

Our software compared with

Our solution excels in automating document processing, surpassing the speed of manual document handling, and leaving Standard OCR solutions in the dust.


Our solution requires less than 30 seconds to process your documents. The amount of documents being processed is irrelevant. We are able to achieve on demand scale ups while maintaining the processing time under 30 seconds, this is thanks to our multicore parallel processing technology.

Dynamic Scaling

Our unique pricing structure also allows us to be more flexible, when it comes to your processing needs without having to worry about unexpected surges in demand.

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90% less paper

Our technology helps you cutdown on paper use.

85% increased productivity

Saving you time and mental energy to focus on more valuable tasks

99.9% Accuracy rate

We are constantly working on our product to maintain the highest standards.

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