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1.Upload your Documents:

Upload all your documents into our platform using your preferred method.
Don't worry about sorting out the files, just upload them and we'll take care of the rest.

Import integrations

2. Processing & Validation

Invofox will sort, extract, and validate all your documents in under 20 seconds!
Invofox uses three levels of data validation; Line Items,
document breakdowns, and totals

Data Processing Image

3. Data Export & ERP Integration

Export data to an ERP of your choice and enjoy the full benefits of your newly structured data.
This will allow further granular data for more accurate analytics.

ERPs where you can export the data from Invofox

Why use Invofox?

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We have a well documented API that your developers will just love

Integration Icon


Email, and cloud storage integration.

Phone Scanner Icon

Phone Scanner

Our app will help you scan documents with ease and upload them straight into our platform

Speed Icon


The processing speed is the best in class.

Live Exchange Rate Icon

Live Exchange Rate

Use whichever currency you'd like and customize the exchange rate.

Localized Validation Icon

Localized Validation

Localized tax law validation based on your country and state

Accuracy Rate Icon

99.9% accuracy rate

Get used to touchless automation with complete peace of mind.

Datasets Icon

Elaborate Datasets

Extract your data to over 70 fields and never worry about not having a complete dataset

Analytics Icon

Level Up your analytics

We can help you improve the clarity of your analytical accounting.

Line Items Icon

Line items

Extract and validate your data line by line and automate your inventory management process

Workflows Icon


Create and execute workflow approvals, and of course have it all automated.

Duplication Detector Icon

Duplication Detector

Stop worrying about uploading the wrong documents, we'll give you a heads up if you do.

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90% less paper

Our technology helps you cutdown on paper use.

85% increased productivity

Saving you time and mental energy to focus on more valuable tasks

99.9% Accuracy rate

We are constantly working on our product to maintain the highest standards.

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